Canoe rental tips for handling kayak

Repojotoksen melontasatamassa on vuokrattavana testivoittaja kajakkeja

Here are a few tips for the beginning of your kayaking journey.

Kayaking is an enjoyable and rewarding way to explore waterways, but starting can raise questions and apprehensions.

At Repojotos Kayaking Harbor, we want to make your kayaking experience as safe and pleasant as possible. In this blog, we share tips on handling a kayak—starting with how to safely get into a kayak and ending with how to control the paddle like a professional.

What do you do before putting the kayak in the water?

Before heading to the water, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the equipment and adjust it for yourself. Our high-quality kayaks allow us always to check these two essential things:

  1. Seat Adjustment

Adjust for the correct sitting position. The kayak’s seat back should be adjusted to support your back. This prevents your back from getting tired during the kayaking trip. Generally, the backrest should be set in a reasonably upright position. The height of the backrest can also be adjusted.

  1. Footrest Adjustment

The correct adjustment of footrests is critical for comfort and kayaking efficiency. Our instructors will show you how to find the right setting—usually, so that your knees are slightly bent, your thighs lightly touch the support at the top of the opening, and your soles are firmly supported. This position maximizes control over the kayak and facilitates paddling.

How to Safely Get Into a Kayak?

For beginners, one of the biggest concerns is getting into the kayak without tipping it over. The instructors at Repojotos Kayaking Harbor always advise on the easiest and safest way to sit down in the kayak in the water.

If a low dock is available, as we have, it provides good support when you follow these steps:


Place your kayak in the water parallel to the pier, bow facing the direction of departure, and set your paddle across behind your kayak seat, one end on the dock.

Repojotoksen melontasatamassa neuvotaan turvallinen kajakkiin meno

Sit on the dock next to your kayak’s seat and place your hands on the paddle shaft. Then, move your legs into the kayak on both sides of the midline.

Note! Do not wrap your fingers around the shaft to avoid catching them between the paddle shaft and the dock.

Repototoksen melontasataman laituri auttaa turvalista menoa kajakkiin

Lift your body with your hands and move it onto the kayak seat.

Now you’re in the kayak and can take a good paddling position and start your trip.

Roppa kajakkiin nostamalla käsillä penkille


The kayaking experience starts with the proper fundamentals. At Repojotos Kayaking Harbor, we are committed to ensuring that every paddler, from beginner to advanced, feels safe and confident on the water. This is a good starting point for the following spring tip.

Happy start to spring! I’m looking forward to the kayaking weather.

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