Repovesi National Park by Gigantic Canoe and hiking (6h)

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Full day paddling and hiking in Repovesi National Park

A memorable trip in Repovesi National Park by paddling and hiking and a delicious lunch by campfire.

Varied Excursion

On the trip you will discover Repovesi National Park both by land and by water. During a paddling trip we will see the cliffs of Repovesi well and hear the stories near rock paintings. In the second part of the tour, you go to watch the scenery on a high place.

This excursion can be implemented for groups of very large sizes, from 5 to 60 people, and even for larger groups.

Picnic lunch or delicious full lunch

During the trip there is lunch break. During the break we have picnic lunch like we do in Finland, coffee/tea, sausage and filled bread. You may choose delicious full lunch for your group as well.

The trip is suitable for groups

The trip is suitable for travel groups. The size must be over 5 persons and maks. is about 60 persons.

The starting and return place is the Lapinsalmi Gate to Repovesi National Park, where a large car park is located nearby.

When taking a trip, always take into account the weather conditions of the day and the time of the tour.

Excursions will take place during May-September.


Booking as you like:

  • Online or
  • Email or
  • Call by phone

Contact info

Email: sales@repovesikeskus.fi

Tel +358447847411

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