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Villa Oravasalmi is located separate on the shore of the lake Suolajärvi

The big villa has plenty of room, separate sauna on beach, pier, rowing boat

Nice big villa

The villa has two bedrooms and a loft, and one bedroom with its own entrance.
  • 10 Sleeps
  • Dining dishes are for 12 people
  • Sauna, shower and dressing room
  • 2 toilets
  • Pets wellcome

Comfortable, well-equipped rooms

The villa has mechanical ventilation and underfloor heating, for example. in the kitchen.
The well-equipped spacious kitchen and fire-place.

Nice to do

The villa features a private beach sauna with a small room, barbecue, table and benches.

In the clear waters of Lake Suolajärvi you can go swimming or fishing. On the beach there is a rowing waiting for you.


Booking as you like:

  • Online request or
  • Email or
  • Call by phone

Contact info


Email: info@oravasalmi.com

Repovesikeskus booking service


Email: sales@repovesikeskus.fi

Tel +358447847411

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