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Holiday place "Oravasalmen Huvilat" has four big villas, build in 2003-2009

The villas are built for a high quality holiday for family or small group of friends. Each villa has its own spacious beachfront.

Homely villas

All villas have living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, a washroom and an indoor sauna on ground floor and more space and rooms in upstairs.

The well-equipped kitchen includes high quality dishes. In addition, each has a separate utility room, so the villas are well suited for family vacations.

The villas are very comfortable in summer and in winter as well, wireless internet, ventilated ventilation and wood-heated fireplaces.

Each villa has a private beach, a pier and a beach sauna, and a beachfront boat waiting for you.

Genuine smoke sauna as service

The Oravasalmi Villas have a separate genuine smoke sauna, which is heated to order for both our guests and other groups. There are a separate rooms, heated room and room for dressing up. In that room there are a small fireplace and fridge. Between sauna and dressing room there are showers for washing.

The sauna room can hold about 10 people at a time. The sauna is heated all year round.

Other services

In addition to the smoke sauna in the area, it are available services arraged by Repovesikeskus:

  • Catering and occasional catering services
  • Guided Nature trips, paddling, hiking
  • Rent canoes, kayaks and SUP boards


Booking as you like:

  • Online or
  • Email or
  • Call by phone

Contact info


Email: info@oravasalmi.com

Customer and booking service


Tel +358447847411

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