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Country hotel is in the most beautiful nature near Repovesi National Park

A wide range of accommodation options from hotel rooms to huts and camping facilities along with caravans. The restaurant is known for its local delicacies.

Many kind of accommodation

Orilammen Maja offers a variety of accommodation options

  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Family Rooms
  • Cottages
  • Caravan area


Dining Table is known for its delicacy.

The restaurant complex includes many different spaces where parties, meetings and events can be arranged.

The Golden route an other activities

In the golden route has been cruising for 60 years and popularity continues.
Sauna services for groups and families are available.

As a Repovesikeskus service:

  • Nature trips, paddling, hiking including picnic meals or full lunch
  • Rent canoes, kayaks and SUP boards


Booking as you like:

  • Online request or
  • Email or
  • Call by phone

Contact info

Tel +358 5 389 881
Email: info@orilampi.fi

Customer and sale service Repovesikeskus

Send your request. We help you!

Email: sales@repovesikeskus.fi

Tel +358447847411

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