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Do you want to go to a paddling trip by a kayak for a day or longer time?

Canoeing together with your friends by a good kayak is a memorable experience. A nice unit and good advice can be obtained from us.

A good testwinner kayak

The comfortable seat on the kayak makes the canoe trip enjoyable. Kayak equipment includes two luggage compartments, a paddle, a safety vest and a drying sponge. It is also possible to place the stuff on the decks.

On a day trip you can also get waterproof bags for accessories and cell phones if needed.

The units are RTM's Dag Tiwok kayaks, wich are test winners in Magazine Erälehti test. In addition we have one bigger kayak, Preception.

Transportation available

We will transport the equipments to the agreed departure point and we will pick up them from the return location. At least one driver of your cars (max. 3 persons) can be in the same transportation.

The guide gives you good advice about the area. Maps are available as well.

Starting point and break places

The starting point is usually the canoeing harbor of Repojotos. But there may be others like Verla or Repovesi National Park.

The water above the Verla is calm and is well suited for nature travellers. There are two places for kayakers to taka a break. Facilities include a pier, a table, a fireplace, firewood and a dry toilet.

When starting point is Repojotos canoeing harbor, it is possible to paddle to Verla village during day trips and Repovesi National Park can be reached during the night trips.


Booking as you like:

  • Online or
  • Email or
  • Call by phone

Contact info

Email: sales@repovesikeskus.fi

Tel +358447847411

Booking Online

Online booking is available for day trips, overnight or two night trips, like a weekend trips. You can make these reservations through the links below if you have time to your trip starting day less than seven months.

If you want to paddle longer time or kayak is not available online, please, contact us by email or send your reguest. We are helping!

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