Winter hiking in Repovesi National Park

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A peaceful hiking in Repovesi National Park during winter time

Hiking to the most popular place in the park and enjoying silence in the forest. During the hike the guide tells you about Finnish Nature.

The exciting suspension bridge

One of the most famous experiences in Repovesi National Park is walking high on a long suspension bridge from one rock to another. In winter, there are walkers in the park and the path to the bridge is in use almost every day. The flowing water of Lapinsalmi is molten but the place can be crossed over on winter time, too.

A winter trip is always made taking into account the circumstances of the day. During the trip we might walk on ice if we know it is safe.

Certified Repovesi National Park Guide tells about nature, history and region stories.

A Break by campfire

During the break we'll have picnic meal. We cook coffee/tea, grill sausage and have something else, typical Finnish picnic meal in a forest. For a small group we might have full lunch.

Excursion program according to day conditions

In winter the conditions vary a lot. According to our experience, however, the path from the place of departure to the campfire site via the suspension bridge is almost every day in use. Other hiking possibilities vary.

During winter time the trips are so dependent on the circumstances of the day that is why we give a cancellation guarantee. If on a day of the trip is expected to be severe frost, rain or snowstorm, the excursion can be canceled and we will refund all prepayments

Winter trips will take place between January and April.


Booking as you like:

  • Online or
  • Email or
  • Call by phone

Contact info

Email: sales@repovesikeskus.fi

Tel +358447847411

Online booking

You can find more information about the trip via the link below. From there you can also book a basic trip.

If you want a full day trip, contact us by email. We'll work together to meet the needs of your group.

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