Kanoottien vuokraus Repojotoksen melontasatamasta. Kuljetuspalvelut Repovedelle ja muuallekin Kouvolan seudulla.

Repojotos is Green Activities certified

We have been granted a Green Activities certificate on August 25, 2023! Our certificate proves and recognizes our responsible activities in the environment, with customers, in society, and in producing our products.

Our Green Activities certificate requires us to monitor and improve our operations continuously. We make an annual responsibility plan with concrete and measurable issues. With the help of those metrics, we can further develop our company towards even more responsible operations.

This certificate of ours is also proof and an obligation for our partners to guide their activities in the same direction. This way, every Repovesikeskus operator is also aware of the requirements of our certificate.

Our Green Activities certificate is also a guarantee of quality. There are many things in the criteria that are related to quality. In this way, the quality and responsibility of our operations are always present and go “hand in hand” on our journey.

The Green Activities certificate belongs to the Green Key certificate family familiar with accommodation companies. Here, you can read more about the Green Activities certificate.

Repovesikeskus’ program services are certified

Repojotos produces all program services and canoe rentals of Repovesikeskus. Thus, the activities of Repovesikeskus are all covered by the Green Activities certificate.