Values and quality in Repovesikeskus company

Etusivu / Values and quality in Repovesikeskus company
Value to customers

What do you need? That is what we offer to you.

Buying is easy. Do as you like. Online booking, Send your Email, Call us.

One contact is enough!

Values in our team

Helping team members
We help customers to find all services
We help team members to make better services

All discussions between members are only to them

We share information to all members
Internal communication is open and confidential

Members are required to be absolutely honest with others and their customers


The quality of the service is important to us all. That's why we carry out quality monitoring and give our operators honest feedback. This is our hope for our customers as well.

We have been focusing on quality-guided quality control. This is evidenced by our Tourism Quality Certificate1000

Examples - Accommodation in countryside and activities in the Nature