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We make you a nice holiday

For Travel Groups we make a holidays as you like - Nice villas and cottages and trips in Finnish Nature

Trips in Nature

We make trips in Repovesi National Park and in Unesco World Hertage Site village Verla.
Some other places might be interesting as well.

Meals in nature

We serve meals during the trips by campfire.

Normal Finnish meal in nature is coffee, sausage and bread. You may have it, but we want to serve delicious lunch including something from our wild Nature.

Enjoy Finnish Nature

The Nature is the best place to get refreshed. Forest improves the mind, it has been studied.

The recreational excursion can be built from guided hiking and water activities including catering services.

What you need? - We help!

Tell us when you want to come here and how many persons in in your group. What you need and what are you interested in?
That is the start to your nice holiday.