The full lunch instead of picnic lunch

Full lunch instead of picnic lunch

We intend this product for group trips where the group size is at least ten people. The purpose of the product is to turn a picnic lunch into a perfect soup lunch.

The product contains

  • Lunch soup, clear broth salmon soup, or tasty meat soup. Same for the whole group.
  • Light and dark bread, local bakery products from local cereals
  • Cheese, pickles, and spread
  • Drink fresh water
  • Soda pot coffee/tea
  • Pastry
In connection with the order, we also take into account food restrictions. For fish allergy sufferers, for example, we offer a delicious and full-bodied vegetable soup.
We will find out the desired soup and possible allergies and restrictions with the customer before the trip.

From: 150,00  (sis. alv)