Disposable cups were abandoned on nature trips

Responsible nature tourism and disposable cups

We start now telling small stories about the responsibility we feel for nature and sustainable hiking at Repovesikeskus. In the stories, we tell you what we have done about it in our own actions.

Nature is precious to all of us!

When we started a nature tourism business, our operations were based on cooperation with other companies operating in the area. We did not have the idea to produce catering services ourselves but bought them from our good partner, Kuutin Kolo. After a couple of years, as our demand grew, we had to consider a broader arrangement of meals in nature. At the same time, the idea of ​​sustainable nature tourism crept into our thoughts. This was also a term related to the use of Repovesi National Park in our agreement with the Finnish Forest Government. We considered how we could promote sustainable and responsible nature tourism in our own services. When we thought of sustainable nature tourism, the first thing that came to mind was campfires’ coffee. What tools have we had in place, and what did we think to use? We decided to try out disposable cups, even though they were convenient and comfortable to hold in hand with a cup holder made of birch.

Finding a good solution for coffee cups was not easy

We are exploring many options. The criteria were, of course, good usability and durability, as well as suitable transport packaging. The appearance of the cups was also significant, as they were to be viewed long after purchase. The search resulted in a solution that has been used for almost ten years now. When our client arrives by the campfire for a coffee break, we often hear thank you and a pleasant surprise: “Right porcelain cups! That is wonderful. ” Here, of course, we have our comment: Cups are part of our way of implementing sustainable nature tourism. Now we can pack 24 cups in one box. The box fits very well. We can handle it without worrying about breaking the cups. If necessary, we can easily divide the package into smaller parts as well. Our nature-themed coffee cups suitable for excursions are one part of our sustainable nature tourism. Meals need something else. We will talk about that in the next post on this topic.

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