New wonderful paddling route


Karijärvi – Niskajärvi canoeing route in Jaala, Kouvola

Great canoeing route for paddlers

The new canoeing route runs through varying waters. The lakes and rivers in the area are clean and clear waters.
The route is about 24 kilometers long, half of which are narrow winding rivers or narrow small lakes. The other side is more open in the larger lakes.


The canoeing route’s one start/endpoint is in Aurantola, Jaala. From there, cross Karijärvi via rivers and a couple of small lakes to Hartola village, where there is the first pier for paddlers to land.
From Hartola village, the journey continues along the river and a narrow lake to Huhdasjärvi village. There is the next landing pier for paddlers by the river. At the same time, it is possible to visit the Huhdasjärvi village cooperative house.
From Huhdasjärvi, your canoeing continues along the river and a small lake. On the way, there is a strawberry farm where you can visit and get some fresh strawberries and raspberries after the berries are ripe around midsummer.
After a short river trip, you will come across the diverse Lake Niskajärvi. There are two rest areas for paddlers and another starting/ending point on the route, the Repojotos paddling port.

Repojotos paddling port

The paddling port is a great place to go on an excursion or return from there. Repojotos rents canoes, kayaks, and SUP boards. In addition, customers are given good advice on using the equipment and the area. Of course, maps are also included.
You can find information on equipment rental and a kayaking port here.

Route services

We will publish more information about the route’s services and the route map during spring 2022.
Jaala Jaloiset, a trail organization, has largely planned the route and the manufacture of the kayaking piers. The same organization has also built Niskajärvi canoeing picnic sites.
Photos about picnic sites (in Finnish)

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