Responsible operations and local food


Local food is a difficult definition. We have our own interpretation of that

Local food as a word is quite vague. We have been looking for its definition without finding it. For us, local food means, where possible, food made close to us from raw materials produced in our area.

Close to us

Our meals are usually prepared in a supervised professional farm kitchen next door, a few miles away.

The farm kitchen and bakery products in Keskitalo use the house’s own grain as a raw material. In this way, the light and dark bread offered with our meals are made from grain grown in the fields of the nearby area without the additives used by industrial bakeries.

Raw materials

We have paid attention to the domestic nature of the raw materials. A good example of this is our tasty salmon soup, which is domestic rainbow trout. We have resolutely abandoned salmon farmed in Norway because of the carbon footprint it already causes. The soup can also contain homemade fish broth, so we avoid industrial preparations.

Always something wild included

We have collaborated with the Finnish wild herb ambassador and gourmet chef, Sami Tallberg. We have trained our chefs under his guidance for several days preparing delicacies. At the same time, we got recipes created by Sami for use in our campfire, among other things.

How we work

The meals offered in nature require careful planning to acquire the needs and consider everything necessary. Customers’ food allergies are investigated well in advance to provide suitable food for everyone. We strive to carry out all purchases centrally and by optimizing driving distances. This way, we can reduce costs and the carbon footprint we cause.


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