Sup board for summer

The popularity of SUP boards is growing rapidly, and many are considering purchasing their own SUP board. However, before purchasing, we recommend trying out the species and different tools, if at all possible. Vuokraa lauta päiväksi niin saat hyvän tuntuman asiaan. Lyhyempikin kokeilu erityyppisillä laudoilla on varmasti paikallaan. Peruskysymyksiä laudan valinnassa on sen tuleva käyttötarkoitus ja miten se voidaan säilyttää. Yleensä lautaa käytetään perheen yhteisenä vapaa-ajan välineenä, jolloin laudan tulee soveltua eri kokoisille ihmisille. Ensimmäiseksi laudaksi kilpalaudat on syytä unohtaa.
If you are buying a SUP board for a cottage or have suitable storage space at home, you should choose a rigid board instead of an inflatable board. Jari Laine, President of the Finnish SUP Association, recommended the hardboard in an interview with Kouvola Sanomat.

Hardboard vs. pumpable board

The advantages of a hardboard compared to an inflatable one are easier maneuverability and better running straight. The hardboard is also faster than the pumpable board. One crucial safety benefit of a hardboard is: it doesn’t sink, even if it breaks down for some reason. A hardboard is usually heavier than a pumpable board and needs more space for transportation. You can transport the board well on the roof of a passenger car with load racks. We already have a few years of experience with this. We can easily transport two operational boards on the roof to the customer.

What is needed to use a SUP board?

The essential tools, in addition to the board, are simple. You need a paddle, paddling, or another safety vest suitable for rowing and a runaway. If you take your phone with you, you should put it in a convenient waterproof bag. The SUP paddle is significantly longer than the canoe paddle. If many different people use the board, it is advisable to choose a length-adjustable paddle, either composite or aluminum. A suitable paddle length can be found when you stand and extend your hand up. When the head of the paddle next to you reaches about your wrist, the size is good. In this case, you can paddle well while standing without unnecessary movements.
The escape strap is an important safety device. Fasten the belt to the back of the board and the other end around the ankle. If you fall off the board, the strap will keep the board close to you and act as a safety ferry. And there is no need to go swimming in the wind or in running water behind the board. Climbing to the board is possible by pulling yourself onto the board after it.

The growing popularity of SUP boards can be seen here as well

We have replenished our warehouse, but at the most popular time of Midsummer, all boards may be busy. This has been the case for at least the last couple of years. So book your boards in time! You can also buy a SUP board from us. We sell the boards made by a French famous factory, RTM. The SUP boards are the same ones we rent. At the Repojotos kayaking port, you can try out the boards before making a purchase decision. The place is open during meltwater from early May to mid-September. Before coming to the place, please, call and make an appointment, tel +3587847411.

What kind of are our SUP boards?

We have selected hardboards for rent and sale based on their properties. Our boards are slightly broader and more load-bearing than most pumpable boards. As a result, the RTM board is stable and easier to go straight. The wind does not affect the board as well as in a high pumped board. Of course, the board comes with a runaway strap and an adjustable paddle. See SUP board rental Welcome to paddle and try the SUP board at Repojotos kayaking port. (Google Maps: Repojotos)

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