A sustainable solution for low plates and cutlery

Dining in nature is always one of the highlights of the trip

With this in mind, we considered a suitable solution for cutlery when we got our first own plates and coffee cups. We excluded disposable cutlery from our thoughts. Is there another light solution? In the search, we then found only disposable or plastic cutlery. These did not fit our sustainable nature tourism principles, so we decided to get ordinary steel cutlery. Although they weighed a little more, the positive things were still winning in the horizontal cup.
Now and then, we need the so-called shallow plates. They are especially needed when we make campfires for customers. The recipes and preparation developed together with the gourmet chef known for his wild herbs, Sami Tallberg.
The porcelain plates we used earlier would have been a good fit for a campfire table setting, but we wanted to lighten the table setting and, at the same time, reduce the environmental impact. As a result of contemplation and exploration, we pondered something made of wood. After a few discussions, we found a solution. An old carpenter of our village made our current “plates”. We once tried plates made from a wound. It worked great, so we took the dishes for our use. After an oil treatment, we burned a logo on it. Our plates were ready to use.
Our wooden plates are light and need a small space. Thus we can easily carry the “plates” for the customer group in a backpack to our dining place near the campfire. At the same time, they bring personality and a close feeling of nature to our table setting. The meal on plates has organic barley, organic roots, and organic chicken or nearby fish. In the sauce, natural herbs are a significant part. We are happy to offer this kind of table setting and meal for small groups. For large groups (over 20 people), it might be tricky in off-road conditions because making dumplings requires a lot of campfire space.

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