Our detergent is more environmentally friendly

Additional information obtained from the pine soap solution

Pine soap solution has “always” been considered very environmentally friendly. That’s how we’ve used it to wash our paddling vests for years. We have also checked the environmental suitability of the substance on the side of the bottles. We looked to see if there was any ecological label on the bottle.

Now, how do we wash the paddling vests? A new solution had to be found for that.

Changes in environmental classification

Studies of the pine peat solution have provided additional information on the environmental effects of the solution. As a result of the research results, the right to use ecological labels has been removed from the solution.

The resin-containing pine oil in the pine soap solution harms fauna, especially fish living in water. This soap is no longer recommended for use in bodies of water or near open water.

That’s why we got worried too. When we realized that today’s pine soap solution is without environmental classification, we immediately looked for a new solution for washing paddling vests.

The task was not as easy as we imagined because we wanted to find a domestic product. However, the solution was found “close by”. We have already used environmentally certified dishwashing detergent manufactured by Kiilo. We noticed that the same company also makes a suitable detergent for paddling vests.

Old soap bottle

EU eco-label, even a picture of a fish

New soap bottle

No environmental label!

Our new detergent

Kiilto Pro Green Textile

New for washing paddling vests

However, there was a small challenge in purchasing new detergent. Kiilto Pro Green Textile detergent is made for professionals. Therefore, it cannot be found on the shelves of Prisma, K-shop, or Lidl. In addition, the sales lot is also slightly larger.

With the help of Kiilo, we got to know the dealers. Pro Green Textile detergent was successful in Vantaa from the same wholesaler, where we also get other goods.

We can now also wash our work clothes with the same detergent.

Non-perfumed textile washing liquid

Kiilto Green liquid textile detergent is made from plant-based raw materials and the product is both phosphate-free and zeolite-free. The product is also not made from raw materials of animal origin and is therefore Vegan-labeled. An Allergylabel has been applied for a non-perfumed and colorless product. Color protection keeps the colors of textiles bright.

Special features

    • Phosphate free
    • Zeolite free
    • Fragrance free
    • Includes color protection
    • Free of brighteners and bleach
    • Swan badge
    • Allergy sign
    • Vegan – marked

Liquid textile washing detergent contains colour protectant that keeps textile colours bright. Due the colour protectant, product is suitable for coloured laundry which are including white. Do not contain dye, brighteners, perfumes, preservatives or bleaching agent. The product has Nordic Ecolabel.