Repovesikeskus’ responsibility in nature activities has been awarded

The nature activities available from the Repovesikeskus are activities of Repojotos

Repojotos has acted responsibly throughout its operations. The activities have been guided in that direction by the entrepreneurs’ activity. The contractual partnership with Metsähallitus and operations in national parks and nature reserves also requires responsibility.

The path to the Green Activities certificate

We have deepened our knowledge and expanded our responsible operations in the direction of staff and partners. We also consider the locality and the activities of many associations close to us. We always cooperate with them whenever possible. An example is the paddling places and routes realized with the local ski association.

Now we have received an “award” for our long-term responsible operation. The operation of Repojotos is certified and received the Green Activities certificate on 25 August 2023, approved by the judges’ council.

Retki vesillä

Jälkiä jättämättä luonnossa

Lots of requirements to meet

To make this possible, we had to meet all the requirements. We had a total of 33 mandatory criteria to fulfill. They were related to environmental management (5), personnel management (4), customer communication (5), social responsibility (3) and our products (16). So, our entire operation was under review.

Continuous development

This responsible operation is continuous. Therefore, we must also have an annual plan of operation with concrete goals. One of these is now the calculation and analysis of the carbon footprint of the entire process after the end of the active season. This gives us a reasonable basis for our operational decisions for the coming season.

We already know that today’s domestic rainbow trout used in our catering causes a much smaller carbon footprint than imported salmon.

Our Green Activities certificate indicates the diverse responsibility of our operations now and in the future. You can read more about the certificate here.